What does the Sofa actually do?

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The Sofa is a loose circle of people who, among other things, run the Sofa-Café. In the Sofa-Café you can escape the performance-oriented daily grind for a while with plush seating and coziness. Here there is space for discussions, midday naps, music, impromptu guitar play and all kinds of other "Seelengebaumel". The Sofa-café is a protected space, here one can simply oneself, free from peer pressure or any other outside expectations. During the regular opening hours it invites you to exchange with other students - regardless of the seniority or study course. This is where all the topics that fall on deaf ears elsewhere at university will be heard: be they debates over political or social issues, a out-of-the-box thinking or looking beyond one's own nose - the Sofa is the space where ideas sprout and where they're shared.

When bigger decisions need to be made, the Sofa assembles for plena where all decisions are made by reaching consensus (all involved must agree with the decisions before they are implemented). Thus the Sofa is heavily influenced by the commitment of the respective people. Everyone that you can see sitting behind the counter or buzzing about the café on a mission, do this unpaid, out of enthusiasm for the concept of the Sofa and to make sure that other people can enjoy a unique, free place like this. This enthusiasm has sprouted other spin-offs in the context of the Sofa: the biannual Jazz-café, regular film screenings, boardgame nights and bar nights beingthe most popular. From time to time, your soul may have enjoyed one of the (in)famous sofa parties or open airs festivals with exquisite techno beats and inspiring decorum. There is a never a shortage of new project ideas in the air: Only recently two volunteers installed a book-exchange bookshelf in the café and in the summer a spontaneous guerilla gardening project enlivened the space in front of the stairs to the café. Time and again new AGs are established around the circle of the Sofa, like the Topf (non-profit vegan meals), the Korb (organic/local food shopping circle), the Velo (bike repairs), chess, happy slacking, TEDxTUHH and others.

The items that cross the counter are integral, not incidental, carefully selected with an attention detail: Here you can get fairly-traded coffee, Honey from the TUHH Beekeeper AG, vegan condoms, snacks and various beverages which are all composed of organic, mostly vegan ingredients and (as far as possible) come from companies that organize themselves as a collective. Through the regular shifts, the Sofa manages other rooms within the student-governed parts of the east wing that would otherwise mostly remain closed during the day, such as the kitchen and the kicker/piano room. For many AGs (student associations), the sofa provides the infrastructure, space and, in the case of the Topf AG, several times a week the space for a shared vegan lunch.