The Sofa over the years

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For over ten years there has been a loose association of students at the TUHH who refer to themselves as the "Sofa" and who, for administrative reasons, are organised as an AG, the Sofa AG. The heart of their activities has since become the running of a café. The Sofa-café is organized and managed by students for students and is characterized by the commitment of the individual members of the sofa. Originally, the café could be found in the old building B, the "Barracke", loosely translated as "the Shack". Besides the café itself there was a kitchen, a workshop and study rooms for students in this building. Since the establishment of the Sofa, several generations of its members and have committed their time and energy matters of the entire student body. Examples of this are the tuition fee protests from 2006 to 2009 and the commitment to the creation of new student rooms in Building Q in 2013.

In May 2015, the Sofa Cafe finally moved from the Barracke, which was to be demolished in the following months, and settled into the east wing of Building A. This was not happenstance, but has been negotiated in talks with the student union office (AStA) and the development commissioner for building A. Since then, various people from the Sofa circle have been involved in the planning of the new development (Building A) and the interior finishings in order to create a welcoming atmosphere in the café. The relocation of the Sofa-café was duly celebrated in a wildly decorated and packed moving party on the evening of the Summer Festival 2015.

Since that night, the café is bristling with life: the smell of brewed coffee fills the room, music is playing, dice fall on game boards, convrsation and discussions are heard and at noon, when the Topf AG fires up the stove, the smell of vegan delicacies wafts through the east wing.